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Rely on our sturdy ladders for any aerial work

A job that requires you to use elevation equipment can be quite risky. If the ladders are not strong or if they're not made of quality materials, chances of accidents are high. Avoid these situations by renting sturdy, reliable ladders from OK Rental. Have us deliver and set it up for you too!


Our ladder and lift supplies will be able to handle any kind of aerial work. The next time you need to do something as simple as changing the light bulb, remember to rent one of our ladders.

A gamut of elevation equipment


 •  30' 1 -Man Bucket Tow Behind Lift

 •  34' NiftyLoft Tow Behind Lift

 •  55' Biljax/Haulotte Tow Behind Lift

 •  20' Scissor Lift (Hard Rubber Tire)

Count on us to repair damaged products

Found a defect with something you've rented from us? You can get it repaired by us. We'll assess the problem and troubleshoot it to get you a quick solution. That's one of the reasons Port Clinton has been trusting our services for over 40 years.

We're associated with the ARA to conduct our business. Call us at:

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 •  Step Ladders - 8', 10', 12', 14'

 •  Extension Ladders - 24', 28', 32', 40', 48'

 •  Ladder Jacks

Scaffolding - Bil Jax:

 •  5'x5'x7' with Cross Braces

 •  Planks - Scaffold 19" x 7'

 •  Wheels - 8" and ADJ.

 •  Scaffold Feet., ADJ and Rigid Legs, Outriggers

 •  Safety Rails

Perry Scaffold/Bakers-Scaffold Towers - 6'

 •  Drywall Lifts - 11', 17'

 •  Engine Lifts - Breakdown Units

 •  Engine Stands